open source researcher, visual investigator

Semiologies of Extremification

exhibited at
MA Research Architecture Show


Semiologies of Extremification lays out a cartography of far-right extremification, topologically arranging the heterogeneous interplays that lead to the production of far-right content and subjects. The project departs from an understanding of the far-right as a regime of signs and takes a semiotic approach in its investigation; placing attention on the modes, means and machinics of far-right discourse.

Its theoretical framework expands the definition of language in Lacanian psychoanalytic theory, to encompass the affects of asignifying intensities and non-human cognitions in the subjectification process. Borrowing and disrupting Lacanian schematics in its diagrammatic approach, Semiologies of Extremification seeks to explicate the cyclical and exacerbating processes that contrive far-right subjectification, in turn inscribing a map for anti-fascist intervention.